Impact and vision

The activities of HEALTHY SAILING will produce scientific, societal and economic impacts contributing to the expected outcomes of the call topic.


  • New evidence on mechanisms facilitating the spread of infection and assessing the potential impact of prevention, mitigation and management measures.
  • Ranking of the different proposed mitigation methods, in accordance to effectiveness in interrupting the infection chain.
  • Best practices for infectious disease prevention, mitigation and management measures are identified and implemented.



  • The integrated e-surveillance system (E-SS) and artificial intelligence (AI) Intelligence Immune System (IIS) facilitate early detection of health threats on board and increased quality of infectious disease surveillance.
  • The AI-IIS will support effective response to health threats.
  • The integrated e-pass based on one-ID concept will speed up the embarkation process, facilitate contact tracing and outbreak investigation, and support the implementation of crowd control (physical distancing) measures in the port and aboard the ship.
  • Port operations will be improved and their capacities to prevent and control diseases at ports will be strengthened.
  • Hygiene standards will be improved via the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Water Safety Plan (WSP) decision support system and the toolkit for systematic monitoring of surface cleaning and disinfection.
  • Guidelines will support decision-making and improve on board and shore-side operations and ship construction related to operational practice.
  • The smart, inclusive, user-centric training technologies will promote improvement of awareness and behavioural change of passengers, crew, health and non-health professionals, also promoting an increased sense of security amongst passengers on board ships.


  • Resumption of cruise operations.
  • Increased growth of the passenger shipping industry, employment, and expenditures of passenger, crew and cruise companies in ports of call (either before boarding or during excursions).